“Ghostbusters” and the “no ghost logo” are copyright Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

West Coast Busters
Your first,
    your last,
        your only line of defense
   ...against the scum of the ethereal plane

      "...possibly THE most high profile GB crew on the planet." - ProtonCharging.com, 2006

      "These guys mean business" - IGN.com

      "If you ever come back here again we’re calling the cops." - Whaley House, San Diego Old Town


    • Are you troubled by strange noises in  the middle of the night?
    • Do you experience  feelings of dread in your basement or attic?
    • Have you or any of your  family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost?

      If the answer is yes, then DON’T waste another minute! Pick up the phone and CALL the professionals! With over 2 weeks of experience in the cutting edge field of paranormal research and eliminations, we are the premiere industry for spectral purge and containment.   State of the art nuclear reactors enable us to remedy what others can only fear*.  What are a few scorched rooms in the house next to the piece of mind you’ll have sleeping in a ghost-free environment?  No job too big, no fee too big.  Call today!

      ( *  Atomic devices not tested for health and safety hazards. Some side effects may occur. )



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